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BUTLERS was established to provide superior property management services for residential and commercial properties in Lebanon. Our service level cannot be matched by other firms in an industry increasingly dominated by the complexities of professional property management.

We provide property owners with expert guidance and comprehensive property and services management they need in order to protect, maintain and enhance the value of their real estate assets. We understand how highly owners value their property, so we make sure to show their homes the same amount of consideration and care they would themselves Our management concept is founded on professionalism, experience, integrity, accountability, and quality of service that offers residents and renters the peaceful enjoyment of their residence, and guarantees owners the profitability of their real estate investments

Our hiring criteria go beyond having the right education and experience to include strong communication skills, flexible thinking and a positive, proactive attitude. We’ve also focused on assembling the comprehensive and experienced team of people devoted to protect, maintain and enhance the value of your real estate asset. People such as:

  1. Friendly, detail-oriented administrators who ensure our clients always receive prompt, professional service (no matter when they call)
  2. Experienced, knowledgeable realtors, Managers, Rental Agents, and Legal Advisors who work closely with each client to ensure they always receive expert, legally sound guidance and services required to succeed
  3. Dedicated accountants who ensure our clients’ financial records remain current, accurate, and compliant with statute
  4. Independent, accountable contractors, who deliver prompt, reliable maintenance and service and timely emergent repairs.

This team, together with the support and supervision of Butlers Management Team, provides the diverse skills, experience and knowledge needed to maximize your real estate asset.

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